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Hi Keysha!  I’m a licensed Cosmetologist and I have loved hair since I was a young girl.  I’m talking like 3 or 4 years old!.  My mom could tell you plenty of stories of me chopping and styling my Barbie’s doll hair or anything that had hair.  Including the dog! LOL!.  I am a curly girl and believe it or not, I kind of fell into the whole natural thing.  I have never been the girl that felt that I NEEDED a relaxer every 4-6 weeks.  I would relax my hair like two or three times a year, if that!  But I began to get a little lazy with my hair and just wanted to be able to “wash and go”! Well, one Saturday morning, I started my normal wash, blow dry and falt iron routine, when I just took a long look in the bathroom mirror and grabbed a pair of my hair cutting shears and grab a handful of hair and in a blink of an eye…I chopped my hair off!  Once the hair fell, I knew I had to keep going.  I kept going until I had about 1 or 2 of hair.  I felt a sense of relief and after baout 10 mnutes, I FREAKED OUT!!!  I called my sister in law and told her I had a hair EMERGENCY!  I went to her palce and had her even me out.  She washed and conditioned my hair and my curls were popping and that was the start of my natural hair journey!  May 14th, 2011 was my big chop and I have been going strong ever since!